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Absolutely impressed with the quality of work…

By: Mark C.

Wow! Absolutely impressed with the quality of work and service done at Branning.

After 16 years of driving, I was involved with my first car accident when a deer ran full speed, out of nowhere, in front of my truck on the Garden State Parkway. Luckily, my Toyota Tundra survived with pretty minor damage (considering how much damage deer can cause, especially when traveling at highway speeds) and I was able to drive it home. The same, however cannot be said about the deer (sorry, little guy).

When I got home, I contacted my insurance company (Farmer’s insurance) and they instructed me to bring my car to Branning for an evaluation, and from there I could choose to stick with Branning, or take it elsewhere for repairs. Freehold was a little farther than I expected, since I live in Toms River, but I was willing to give them a try.

Upon first arriving at the location, I was impressed by the size of this operation. They have a good sized plot of land along a somewhat rural farm road, so the parking lot was spacious (something I have to consider since I drive such a big truck) and the building was impressive both in size and in the decoration and upkeep. When you enter through the double doors, you are greeted with a professional-looking receptionist behind the counter. Then you turn your head and take in the space- beautiful marble tiles, a spiral staircase, a gigantic salt water aquarium, and the waiting area with plush, over-stuffed, comfortable, leather chairs.

John helped me out to inspect and give me the estimate on my truck. He was thorough, yet was still good about getting me out of there quickly, so I could get on with the rest of my day. Before the day was over, he emailed me the full breakdown of the damage estimate, and my insurance company was also given a copy of the report. I told my insurance company I would stick with Branning to do the repairs, and they told me that everything would be taken care of- they would directly send Branning the money for repairs and helped set me up with a rental car through Enterprise, who would be waiting for me when I dropped off my truck and completed the paperwork for the repairs.

Branning’s estimate said that it would take about ten days for my truck to be repaired, and sure enough, ten days later my truck was ready to be picked up. Branning did a wonderful job, even giving me a call every week to keep me updated with the progress. When I went to pick up my car on a Friday afternoon, I was really impressed by the quality of work they did. The front bumper looked brand new, the paint matched exactly, and they even washed my truck and did some detailing inside to make the leather seats look shiny and new. As John and I went over the repairs together, I noticed a problem with my alarm system/keyless entry- it wasn’t making a beeping sound when I locked or unlocked the doors, like it used to. John told me to bring it back, and the electrician would have a look at it. As promised, the electrician looked at the truck and found the problem- a defective part in the bumper that was affecting the alarm system. They needed one day to fix the problem with the alarm, since they had to order a part, and that seemed to do the trick. They finished the repairs with the alarm system (for free, of course) and they even washed and detailed my truck again! Now my truck looks as good as new, and runs well, without any problems.

A minor point unrelated to their repair services, that I would like to compliment them on… When it comes to restaurants, I heard to never fully trust the letter grade that the health inspection people post on the front window. Everything you need to know about the place can be learned by how well they maintain their public restroom. Well, if that’s the case, Branning deserves an A++ score! Their restroom completely matches the class and cleanliness that you see in the rest of the building. The place was immaculately clean, with marble floors, rich dark-stained wood panels, new and stylish sinks, and fragrances to cover up any normal bathroom odors or cleaning/chemical fumes.

The bottom line is that I thought Branning Auto Body did a fantastic job. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone in the area, both because of their quality of work, as well as their professionalism/customer service. Their work is even guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. So if you ever notice the paint start to peel, you can bring your car back to them for a complimentary touch up.

Thank you so much Branning!